The Truth, The Way and The Life!

He is…so we are! The Three aspects of Christ as He named it:

The Truth, The Way, and the Life—we need to emphasize all three aspects of who Christ is. He is not just the truth. Most Christian films, for instance, emphasize the truth aspect, the information about Jesus and who He is. The gospel information is not the actual full gospel! The actual good news is Him, Himself, so it is rather an encounter with a Living God, and His story which transforms and forms us!

More mystical Jewish films like “Noah”, have more of an open dialogue midrashic approach which allow the viewer to form their own questions. And encounter a way or stream into God.

I prefer this method of discoursing with scripture. It allows people, as Jesus did when teaching, to encounter their own questions and the Reality in Him of their and His’ answers. It’s a different method of teaching. One of encounter with the living truth, not just the information about the Truth. Living from and in, rather than about and or even like Him. More a metaphor, less a simile.

Different cultures also tend to emphasize one of these aspects: truth, way or life. Paul addressed different cultures depending on which aspect they were drawn to. Thus, we need to be sensitive to which aspect each culture is meant to reflect and encounter Him through.

As I’ve been mapping it over the years—in a very general sense, southern cultures tend to be the life (visceral body oriented spirituality) part; northern, the truth part (knowledge ideas aspect), and the east in general, the way part (the I Am in His Being aspect)…just my take so far through observation. Different peoples encounter God uniquely! And we need to get His sense of how they are meant to meet Him, and what aspect of Himself He emphasizes or even incarnates, through them. As St Paul modeled for us. Peoples and cultures, are uniquely shaped conduits for specific aspects of His reflection of Himself! And, though we see through a cloudy glass, a shady mirror, still we look at His reflection mainly, and are then shown our own.

He is the knowledge of Reality, the way to live in it and with it, and the animating force which allows us to do so! What more do we need to become the sons and daughters of the Living God! He is the Real, He is the teaching about the Real and He is the animating Force which allows us to commune and be in what is Truly Reality! He calls us by name, and He causes us to stand and walk it out, by the sheer Force of His Own Name!

The great book starts with emphasizing the I am part (Genesis), moves on to the knowledge part (the rules and revelation at Sinai), and then into the incarnation part (the Life of Jesus)—this is how it looks when I come to earth exactly like you, and try to live from my Own Self. Jesus pulled it off, so we can see and join it! We have the perfect model of how to be in Him, and the knowledge and life force-power-to do so! But all three aspects are reflected throughout the Bible. He really Is the Truth, The Way and The Life! And we are invited to incarnate all three through the Life of Christ in us!

Although I think we are all a blend of each aspect of Christ, we are each drawn to Him in unique pathways which are particular to how we are made, and what He intended us to express about Him. We tend to meet Him in one dimension of who He is, and we tend to highlight that particular aspect! This is true of individuals and larger cultures. We become the living testimonies about this aspect of who God is, and draw all humankind towards Him.

When we sing the true song of ourselves, or rather allow it to be sung by the Father, others are brought into contact with that aspect of Him which we reflect most! I reflect the identity and symbolic aspects, you may be more one who primarily reflects His Thoughts or knowledge. Regardless, when we sing the song of our true selves, or allow Him to pronounce through the eternal songs we are, others around us are given freedom to sing their way, through Him, into theirs! This is part of what it means to be a living song about Jesus.

Fun thinking about how when Jesus named Himself! He appealed to all of humanity, each existing and potential culture and nation ever. And if we follow scriptures, these diverse and unique cultures and nations will be there at the end, each offering their unique crowns to Him, or specific reflections of His Glory He has placed on them.

Often, when I am ministering in different nations, I will ask Him, what aspect of You is this region meant to reflect, what’s blocking it, and how can we partner in bringing it back into a true reflection of You. All the world is His expression and we are partners in cleansing our perceptions by His, of Him!

Of course, we are meant to be getting to know and love all three aspects of His Being! And should be able to know Him in each aspect: the Living Truth, The Way and The Life which animates it all! We are in relation to a God who is all three! He tells us the information based on what is Real, He shows us the pathway or stream to Be, and He gives us the Life Force to live in it. What a God who has come into us! And what an unfathomable Beauty to allow to incarnate through us. May we continue to get to know the whole God, as He makes us more whole!

I continue to be fascinated about getting to know Him as The Truth, The Way and The Life. I want to know all of Him, to live in His Way, and to be fully animated by His Life!

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