A little Easter meditation

We are His reward for dying and suffering. A short Easter meditation:

Therefore He will see His offspring—His mighty spoil, which we are; because He submitted Himself to death and was counted among the rebels; yet He bore the sin of many and interceded for the rebels. He took into Himself sorrows which we were not even aware we had. We are Christ’s reward for dying for us. How intense. He has been promised offspring, which we are. We are the reward given to brother Jesus by The Father. Let us live accordingly.

Yes, Jesus is my brother, and my friend. I experience Him like this in my personal spirituality. Many do not know the friendship of Jesus. Yet, He has called us brothers and sisters. That was and is His choice to consider us as siblings. Yes, we are also children, but let us also know Him as brother and best Friend. We don’t come to Him to receive gifts, though He offers us many (immediately upon suffering Jesus turns to give gifts to men, it is His Way to do so!); but, we come primarily as gifts given by The Father to The Son for all He has done. We are gifts from The Father given to His deserving Son. Let us live as gifts given back to Jesus for all He is and has done, and is doing!

This is a different motivation for living well, and one often overlooked. We are what Jesus saw on the cross—we are part of His many offsprings promised to Him by His Father-which offered Him hope. It was The Father’s idea to make many brothers and sisters of Christ in this way. We ourselves are Christ’s reward!

When we see ourselves as gifts of God to Jesus, we are no longer motivated only by what He can give us. We ourselves desire to become more perfect gifts given to The One True King! We are poems read out loud to Jesus for His Pleasure! Let Father be allowed to give us as gifts to His Son, who is most deserving!

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