Looking for Lydia this year!

Finding the Lydias in your life this year…

Recall that Lydia was the first woman in Europe to turn towards the message of St Paul. She was evidently already a convert to Judaism, but now turned even further in her conversion towards what Paul talking about. She was wealthy and had networks.

Felt like this year, some of us would meet Lydia’s in our lives—people of high impact who can cover some of our own needs as well as others, and network us into larger movements of God. Look for the Lydia’s in your life this year. 

Women and men of high impact already who have favor in their domains, but who will offer those networks to God for new works! Just something I saw in da Spirit the other day while studying the beginning of the gospel coming to Europe! 

This was a bit outside of Phillipi (Paul had come to a “new edge” in his ministry and life, which happened to be Europe, and a whole new harvest field which would impact history mightily!), and Paul couldn’t find a synagogue for Sabbath, so goes to a river, there he meets Lydia, who must’ve heard about him, and presumably also wanted to celebrate Sabbath or talk to this roaming Jewish teacher! So a person of Peace, and like the Samaritan woman, open to newer levels of Truth. 

She believes and is baptized that day, in that river, and turns and starts blessing others. She ends up helping out in St Paul’s ministry for several seasons as well. Good to have a wealthy Jewish woman on your side! 

I think this year, many of us will be introduced to such seeking high impact people, who will turn immediately and become aids to His Movements, and bless us in our own journeys. That’s exciting. Keep your eyes open for them. They often wear purple evidently or at least dye purple fabrics:)! 

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