Timely, prophetic post for this current season!

Watch out the prophetic stream is a flowing’!

Started to flow in some prophecy this week, just practicing again how to get out of the way of the words, and let Him speak….I was praying on Easter and saw an opportunity over the next few months to meet The Resurrected Jesus! Just as He roamed the earth for 40 days after His resurrection, so He would meet us directly in the next few months in that respective Presence and Power. There is a great spiritual opportunity in the coming months, and an empowerment, re-comissioning, and release to disciple!

Look for the real spiritual Easter this year, beyond just the traditions, and also look for the Reality of the 40 days in which Jesus roamed around in His Resurrected form. Look for visitations in this time of trial and shaking. Look for His tangible self to show up in miraculous ways. There’s a window where He is making Himself overtly known! Just as He did after His resurrection. Watch for wonders to happen this month or so-serious signs. All is trembling but His Peace and Presence is in high contrast to this shaking.

Many will be forced to cling to The Living Christ. Others will be invited into His Actual Life and Presence.

Jesus said, “Do not be afraid, go tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will SEE me.” This is also for right now. Many will actually see Him—visitations in dreams and direct open vision etc. Mystical moments of encounter. Don’t fear Him in His Resurrected Form.

I think the next forty days have an open heaven or thin layer between realms. I think this is for us, and to bring His Peace and Presence into the global shakings. God is being Merciful again! In the midst of so many tragedies and manifestations of hatred, He is drawing nearer, and making His Presence more obvious. This is to show the high contrast between Him and His Way and the ways of darkness or rebellion. This is a time of stark contrasts. Jesus showed up in an in-between realms form. It startled people, but He was still recognizable to those He revealed Himself to. This in between expression of Christ is unique, in that we only really see something similar on the mount of Transfiguration in scriptures. Look for Him in this unique between worlds form!

In the resurrection story, the guards in the story took the money and told the lie. Look for that same sort of thing from the enemy—mis-interpretations, and cover ups of the fact that Jesus Resurrected and is still Alive and present. The authorities lied and covered it up, but Jesus had already told His friends where to meet Him!

But also a time of great comforting. Just as Jesus went around comforting and teaching in His Resurrected form, so in this hour, He is wanting to show up wherever people are looking for Him. The women at the tomb knew Him immediately when they were greeted by Him. And many sensitive and seeking women will see The Light and know Him this season!

A real revival among the women of the world (already starting!), even as the opposite spirit of oppression of women, which leads to hatred of men increases. He will make it obvious what His Purity is. And they will see and know and worship Him! Just as an anti-women spirit is oppressing women, so many women will be liberated not just from their oppression but also from the hateful desire to dominate or hate the opposite sex-from an anti-man spirit. We need to be careful not to move in either! Even the american elections are bringing this to light.

Look for great warfare in this area between the sexes. Discern as the women did who He really is, and worship there. He will heal, and send you then to tell the “brothers” all about it. Women will be used as powerful witnesses in these days! Watch for it, and take note when it happens. But also watch for increasing tension between the genders. What is not in Him, won’t hold! The two women were the first witnesses of the Resurrected Christ! They were open to the angelic visitation (intense spiritual experiences, outside your normal level—look for that this year also!), and then immediately recognized Christ. Look for revival among spiritually open women who are seeking Him! The movement started with two women!

Others needed convincing (the Philip’s in the story!). But He was very overt about His coming, and had told them beforehand where He would meet them.

Find Him in Galilee. Not always the obvious “holy” spaces like Jerusalem, but the unlikely ones-homes marketplace etc. The saltier ones connected to His Own Story. Look for Him in your homes and in the supermarket, on the road, and as you go towards. Not just in His Temple or institutional religious structures, though He can be there also (the temple which we are), but also on the way…stay alert to wherever He shows us, and listen. Give us ears to hear and eyes to see Lord!

Why galilee?
Galilee was His home turf, but you might think He would want them to meet Him in Jerusalem. Instead, He told them before He died and then the women again, to meet Him in Galilee. We need to be heading to Galilee to meet Him.
From encountering Him, making actual contact, we will then be sent out to make disciples again. There will be a re-commisioning for many in this coming season to go and really become disciplers not just disciples. Many who had previous stirrings towards deeper spirituality, will get re-stirred, re-called and re-inspired. A time of re-comissioning is upon us for many.

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go— THEREFORE (in that Authority, and Power) and disciple the nations.” He is making more of His Actual Authority available to His People in these coming days, in order to actually fulfill the great commission which was to disciple the nations. Not just save them, but disciple them—to become spiritual parents and mentors. Many will be called another level upwards in their spiritual growth this season. Look for accelerated spiritual growth. Suddenly parents! Sudden heirs. No longer slaves or those under guardians, but actual leaders in Him. Little rulers. Spiritual adulthood is being made available to many. An increase of levels of His manifest Authority are being made available!

So the empowered Great commission will become an emphases again. Disciple making. Many things have been restored through many movements to give us tools to truly disciple now. We will move in His Authority!

Jesus 40 days of roaming the earth after the resurrection were also a training period for His People. Look for rapid training and increased faith. Of course, it increased their faith to actually see and encounter the Risen Christ. He was clearly still alive, and now they had no doubt. He used this time, then to train them. He discipled them from this space, and then sent them out to go and disciple the nations. So there is an opportunity for intensified and more deep training in this season. Be open to be trained by the Risen Son!

There is a great window of opportunity in these next two months to walk in and with His Resurrective Power and Authority. He is Kind to make Himself so tactile and known. Don’t be afraid if You experience His Intensity. Jesus told them, not to fear, which of course is a natural response to more of His Presence when we are not used to it. Jesus in His Resurrected form was and is Intense. Look for the resurrected Jesus without fear.

More soon, on these exciting days just in front of us! Jesus last promises in the book of Matthew was to be with them until the end. May we be with Him in this exciting coming season! These are turbulent but potentially terrific days we are in now! Let us be with Him always!

And He promises, “I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

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