Oh yes, another new design!

We can’t believe it, but this blog and site will be 9 years old this summer–right along with our marriage! (Our first post on the site was an essay about our wedding–must find that soon and repost it.)

After a recent crash-and-burn of the site we decided to haul the whole blog into WordPress and re-design it.

We have always wanted this site to be a place to write, specifically on spiritual topics. It was never very good as a ‘whatcha up to’ blog, although we never pretended it was. So the new design is really all about putting the words in front, nothing else. Of course with a bit of old book and circus thrown in. How could we get rid of that?

So if you’re a friend or just long-time reader, thank you for sticking with us–and we promise we’re gonna post here lots more this year!

VERY IMPORTANT: if you have been a feed subscriber (or wish to be), this is our new subscription link. Please update in your reader if you can.

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