Why do you matter? …

Each of us is an expression; a uniquely shaped poem with our own cadences. Each, expressing some aspect of The Divine. This is why, each person is so valuable. It is a collection of poems God is making. The theme, is Himself.

No one is meaningless. This is because God does not write foolish poetry. Each creature is special to Him, a vibrant explosion of some aspect of Himself. A radical moment or instant of His Being. Never think yourself un-special in life. That, in short, is a lack of faith or knowledge of who God is. Does even a single sparrow fall, without Him noticing. He notices because He created that particular being, and somehow, each being exist in Him. And is a symbolic extension of Him. So, you, being a human, made in His likeness–do you really think that your being does not matter to your Creator?

Do not give in to lesser voices. He who created you, is also able to pronounce you!

He who wrote the poem you are, is also able to proclaim and even have a poetry reading of that poem to all of creation. Don’t block him, because of puny opinions of yourself. Who are you to retreat. Who are you to say that this particular poem, unlike all others, is not worthy of being read. How pretentious.

Who do we think we are, refusing His Graces. Who do we think we are saying to the God of the universe, you can pronounce all other poems but not this one–because I am too messed up. How selfish of us.

We are His art-period. And He will finish His art until everyone comes to His opening!

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