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The catastrophic, the marvelous…

Derek and Amy Chapman!!

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The Miraculous and Stupendous…

Flowchart AND La-Haya

(This is the blog of Derek and Amy Chapman. We’ve been at this website thing since 2002.)


Looking for Lydia this year!

Finding the Lydias in your life this year… Recall that Lydia was the first woman in Europe to turn towards the message of St Paul.

Midrash on the Psalms

Reading the Psalms again today (little midrashing for you today!), as I often do, as they seem like the center (and therefore centering parts of

A counselor’s confession

Confessions of a discerner….( excerpt from an article I’m working on about how to appreciate your gifts and be challenged by them towards growth simultaneously!)

The way of the prophetic…

Reading about the “way of prophets” today..reading about their ways from a Jewish and Christian perspective, but as a way on earth in Him as