The way of the prophetic…

Reading about the “way of prophets” today..reading about their ways from a Jewish and Christian perspective, but as a way on earth in Him as well…combining some quotes and insights here:

Nice insight about the way of the prophets, I came across today anyway…

“The great thing about prophets is that they just don’t care what you think of them—like King David dancing naked before the ark. The fear of rejection of others, has been killed, so they can just dance, naked before God, as we all are. They dance for us all, as we are meant to be. Example it for others, or make a way to be. And feel that gap between His Heart, and ours. Their (our) burden is to carry the mind and heart of God, and then His expressions, in tandem and while being tangibly aware of the hearts of people, and stay humble as they do.”

A terrible and beautiful and priestly chore theirs/ours also, even as we pray for one another in that way.

And a good solid Jewish warning: “So don’t envy the way of the prophets,” as one said: “it is deadly to them, but life to others. Unless a seed dies and is buried into the ground it is useless to bear fruit.” Nice prophetic study of being today! Plus, prophets are never welcomed in their own hometowns. Mis-understanding is a given by the nature of gap.

Also from my studies, a prophet, or one moving in the prophetic way, is never welcomed in his own home! “That means, for a christian, the Church would be the place of most resistance for the prophetic voice.” For an artist, perhaps, the art world would be. Whatever area you are priesting, laboring in the gap for and in, without care, or fear of rejection (just standing before God in that area), will be a place of resistance. Adam and Eve hid when God showed up, and we continue to.” Home is a long way from home, as one monk put it. If you are in Christ fully, you will feel the prophetic gap between what is in His Father and where we all are. And pray from that space.

(all quotes, mine)

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