A counselor’s confession

Confessions of a discerner….( excerpt from an article I’m working on about how to appreciate your gifts and be challenged by them towards growth simultaneously!)

I have the gift of discernment, as many counselors do, and in-sight into other’s hearts (both their triumphs and their blocks). Sometimes it’s annoying. I get insights into people and situations which I don’t always want to know or see. Still, it can be helpful in counseling or just helping people out. Those are good days.

Still, it’s hard to know for instance that a person you are with is depressed, suicidal or struggling from loneliness, regardless of their persona or veneer outwardly. Still, i’m glad i have this gift, and am thankful especially when it helps another person make it through their day, or the stress of holidays! Yet, at times it’s like watching too many movies at once.

Sometimes i feel like Run Lola Run in that scene where the main character is jogging, and “reads the inner mail” of each person she passes. A bit overwhelming to get so much raw data constantly, and yet…I’m thankful for the gifts I carry nonetheless. Hopefully they are at times, helpful to others.

Often I will ask: what am i to do with this info? Pray, intervene, encourage, or just hold these things in my heart like Mary did? Regardless, discernment becomes part of your daily practical spirituality if you have it. It let’s you tune into everything in a room, which of course, is annoying at times to my wife.

I try to turn off my radar to tune into her when we are out and about. And yet, it’s always there on some level, ready for action. It’s an interesting gift to learn to use well—that is in Love. Still, I’m thankful for it even when i know too much about my neighbors at times. And you don’t really get paid for the gift of discernment! At least not in money! Yet, it does keep you very other focused. And grows your empathy, which is sort of what any art is supposed to do.

I’ve been learning to have daily releases into “His burden is light” place/space as well. Sort of discernment baths, to wash off anything i saw which was traumatizing. That also becomes part of the practice of discernment. Cleaning your eyes at the end of each day, and refocusing on the Great Seer of all human hearts. At least, that’s what I do. Re-fix my gaze to gain understanding, like old Daniel practices. Who also wrote down his dreams! Anyways, just some confessions of a discerner for ya today! Some of you may relate.

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