The one… the ONLY… FlowChart!

He’s on the payroll, but he never shows up when you think he’s going to. But he shows up when it’s supposed to happen. He has a very different sense of time.

Of course he’s amazing; he’s the act everyone’s dying to get. He does this high wire act while throwing knives–a knives act you’ve never SEEN before. Unfortunately, because he shows up at odd times, he doesn’t always get support. He does need an assistant, so to help things out, the circus has made a permanent wire that’s mobile and modular. He’s learned out how to do it independently because no one’s ever been there consistently to help him. The circus built into their schedule the whole concept of “at any point in the circus, Flowchart could show up.” That’s part of the draw. I mean, they’re only carnies and circus people. Flowchart is an archetype, he knows it. He knows he’s holding out.

And for a one-time appearance… the ever elusive LaHaya!

She’s able to sit inside of huge haystacks of fire without being burned. Her whole act is that she doesn’t care if she’s witnessed or not. The manager of the circus has this thing with her; because she doesn’t care about what people think at all, she makes her act a private spectacle so he’s had to figure out how to make it public while being private at the same time. (She’s not anti-audience, she just doesn’t care.) But there’s a secret as to whether or not she’s really in that haystack. That’s the whole draw.

management disclaimer:

These are probably the two most difficult characters in the circus. There are a lot of people who are better at interfacing.