The types of leaders needed now

There are different types of leaders in scriptures. I’ve been looking at these unique two people, Jeremiah and St Paul, as examples for the type of leadership we need now.
Jeremiah the authentic personally vulnerable priest prophet. The autobiographical one. The intimate with God’s Heart one. The emotional one. The transparent one. One who interprets by how they live. The outer court-near the people, and their concerns-one. The social prophet. Jeremiah is the type of prophetic leader we need today. The transparent prophet. The poetic prophet. The persecuted and still favored prophet. The prophet aware and sensitive to the nations, and their purposes in God’s plans.
I think Jeremiah in the OT, and St Paul in the New were the most transparent with their personal stories (they had anointed autobiographies!), and had two of the hardest spiritual assignments in scriptures. Their lives both became models as well. Part of their message was their actual life. They lived symbolically in this way!
They were both very transparent about their inner lives as well. Both lived in moments of displacement, and migration, cultural shiftings, and had to become compasses for their times. Both were intimate with The Father. They had a father spirituality.
Both, also displayed the feminine and the masculine in their actions. They could move from God’s father and mother hearts! The ability to both father and mother things is essential now. Unique men of God.
Authentic prophetic people and teachers are what is most needed now, to communicate God’s Heart in expressive and unique ways. It’s one of those times again! Their type of spirituality is needed again especially in leadership.
Fathery transparent, story telling, poet teachers aware of cultural shifts from a spiritual perspective–ie revealed knowledge, not just book knowledge. Revealed and lived out theology goes farther historically. Encountered in direct relationship with God, knowing, lasts.
We need the subtle interpreters-poet teachers. The gifts of poetic language and story telling speak and directly enter into the hearts of many types of people. The medium, in this sense, becomes part of The Message.
Those with this gift of contextualizing what we all see daily, and expressing it in a way which translates, imparts hope, and offers understanding. And we need honest interpreters willing to be transparent about their own brokenness-the blues in their own songs.
Those who can culturally contextualize the times, be an expression of His Message into it, and live out their message. Be the teaching. And be becoming it, out loud or publically! Living life out loud, so others can hear and see it! And judge for themselves, the veracity.
If I had to pick types of leadership needed now, i might add St John to this list-the pastor, theologian and seer poet! Poetic story telling leaders are needed to express the complexity and nuances of what God wants to speak into our times. We need priestly artistic leaders like Jeremiah, or Daniel, the prophetic ruler, and another practical mystic, willing to be raw about it all, and tell the true story well.
So, authentic, willing to be autobiographical (i.e., vulnerable), transparent and very intimate with The Father is what I would be looking for from leaders today. That’s what I’m learning from these guys, today anyway.
Leaders who are very transparent with their own struggles and stories, tell their own stories well, are emotionally open, and good expressers of the essence of things. And priestly leaders who can also see prophetically and are in touch with the outer courts of the temple-where social exchange occurs.
All three were also practical mystics, being given revelations, visions, dreams, and visitations, but downloading it through the heart of God into practical messages, people could understand. Paul even received a “revelation of the mystery of the gospel to the Gentiles”, for which we all are thankful. In short, they interacted directly with God, in a way which brought needed communication to the society around them. And they did so in a transparent and willing to tell their whole story way. And their lives became signs and portents of what they preached. They were a way in Him! That’s the type of leaders we need now.

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