Napkin Prayers for America

As I came through New York City last week, thinking about America again…scribbled this on a napkin while waiting in lines with nearly every nationality and ethnicity of people…

What would it look like for America to steward her gifts, resources, and symbols well in this hour (i.e in humility and gratitude and Wisdom) right now? I know some have given up on her, but I don’t think she’s finished her story yet.

And yet, not to be too simplistic, isn’t it ironic that the land of the free and the brave made up of refugees, is afraid to take the lead in welcoming, and even modeling how to bless those in need now. Her statue of liberty and her eagle need to get together and move into parenthood and maturity now. This is not an hour of fear, but of bold blessing with all her resources.

This idea I’m working on about completing your symbols as part of stewarding your life well, applies to nations as well. Each nation has its unique gifts to offer to the whole story of the planet, This nation is meant to cover and haven the oppressed (it’s bountiful resources were given just for that purpose), and was given resources in order to be generous in blessing those in need. In this chapter in history, these are the people in need. Find the people in need, and you’ll find Jesus. He’s always there.

I know we still struggle with materialism and racism, and that is obvious now, but one method of moving towards healing in both these two national wounds, is to reach out and serve those in need. It’s an opportunity for healing being offered. Don’t waste it!

This refugee crisis is a test of character or a challenge to find our true values again, and is a test of character to each nation. Many are showing their true colors now, the space where beliefs meet action. As Bono was saying in a recent interview, “America was a promised land for the Jews, for the Irish, for the Italians, when they needed it most; now, she has an opportunity to bless the Syrians and others fleeing persecution. And she is still needed to do so. She is meant to model generosity.”

This nation needs to get back to its basic humanitarian heart, and finish the symbols it started on. Steward your symbols towards completion—the statue of free welcome and the eagle of searching for those in need to bless are her two core symbols to call into fruition in our hour.

Jesus is always where the poor and oppressed and needy are. It’s a spiritual fact. Easiest place to meet Him really. So, let’s meet Him there. If you can’t find God, go serve the poor, the fleeing from oppression, and you will! God is always there. There’s a spiritual motivation to serve in this hour.

Come on people now, shine on your brothers, for your own good if nothing else. Don’t drop the ball now.

Walls versus harbors:

This is not a wall metaphor season, but more a welcoming harbor! Time to get our harbors in order. Let’s polish ours up til her heart glows again! The eagle and the statue of liberty are the two core American symbols. So, the vision and range of sight and impact, with a heart to haven those in need. The masculine and feminine aspects of who she is. Freedom in order to haven and serve specifically the weak needy and oppressed peoples.

I was in NYC again last week, and the first thing you notice is all the different nations being human together. You just feel like a huge and very diverse family. That sense is the past blessing into the present. We now can seed into our future by polishing the heart of our loving receptivity in this country. Give us your war-torn, hungry and fleeing ones again-that’s what we are made up of really anyway.

Let’s clean and open our harbors intentionally again! A harbor is feminine and represents heart-even the state of the heart. Let’s be a welcoming harbor and use our eagle’s eye vision to see who to bless now with our resources! Of course, we need to discern our guest, but a filter is not a wall.

If we had to flee, we would search globally for open doors, we would look for an open heart, which leads to open doors. Let’s be one.

For, to welcome from the heart is also a great healing gift for oneself. The power to receive well is healing for both parties involved. And this nation clearly needs healing, and integration.

Don’t stop now America, you are still needed in the human story! You can yet do some good. Don’t forfeit your later chapters in fear, but allow them to be written out as a hopeful sign for the human family.

After photo-ing the contents,
I left this worded napkin in New York City (in the Hudson somewhere-i like to symbolize my prayers), I hope it blows and flows in the right direction, and lands in the right part of the heart…as bono said recently, “its not a matter of left or right politically, but right and wrong morally at this hour.” It’s a moral dilemma and a question of identity. This isn’t a political thing, its a human thing. Will we finish our story with integrity. I hope and am praying, we do. The world needs it now more than ever.

I did of course, have jet lag, but looking at my thoughts that day, i think they were at least in the right ballpark, as they say here.

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