Our Source of Love: The Father’s Heart! a word for our times…

This word came into my spirit recently about a return to the Father’s Heart. Thought I’d share it. And some of my own thoughts issuing from it.

“Many will become suddenly saints, by entering into loving intimacy with Father God. We will be more deeply baptized into The Name and Heart of The Father! These days are here, open to us–to know and love The Father, and found our very lives within His Heart of Love.

We will learn discernment by and through His Love. Love separates what is true and false. Love is the tone of truth; love is the key to discernment. God is One. Many will be suddenly burnt into place by His Love. By entering into His Heart of Hearts. This knowing exchange will bring true and lasting Peace. The Father’s heart will start to glow in His Body at a radiance and tangible manifest presence, which has not been seen, even at her best moments. She will glow in His Heart of Love. And many will see and come to the Fountain and Source of Love, the Father of all Life, and then quickly be shown who His Son Jesus really is!

A father evangelism is coming on the earth. People will speak from and about His Heart. There will come a fatherhood spirituality which will astound even His Own people. Not just power, knowledge, prophecy, but true Love. His Core Nature pouring forth into His People and Body. Love will be the distinguishing characteristic of His Church again. Not just good works but actual Love. He is revealing His Heart in our days. And many will meet the Father for the first time, even those who have long known His Son, will find themselves engulfed in The Father’s Heart! And this will be a sign for the world.

In His Church, we will see the people who have known His Eyes getting together with those who have known His Heart. His Arm will know His Heart and Eyes. He is One, and He is making us one integrated Body. He is integrating Himself in His People through Love-across denominations and forms of church. We will see prophetic people hanging out with pastoral hearted people. People who have long focused on His spiritual sight, will find those who have long dwelt in His fatherhood. We will see those most into His strategies of kingdom growth, exchanging with those who have gazed mystically at His works for many years. The Seers will become the on-the ground saints. And we will exchange blessings in Him.

The different parts of His body will start to share the different aspects of His Life with one another, and work more in tandem. His Eyes and Heart, His perception and His Love will be integrated, not just in his apostles, but in all His people. All the five fold are of course founded in Him, and will be unified by and in His Heart of Love. We will see another level of being bound together in love and freely exchanging our gifts and understandings. A time of unity in love is coming! It is for the good of the whole world. It is necessary.

The Father is pouring out His Very Self into His People and onto the earth. He will become the center of our conversations in the coming days. We will not be focused on controversies, on the wrong issues–we will be focused on being in Him, and what He is focused on. No longer chasing the wrong rabbits, but with spiritual efficiency looking through His Eyes, we will be moving from His Heart. There is a new level of integration being offered to His People.” This word continued, but I will stop there for now, and pick it up at the end of this article.

After getting this word started thinking about the inner workings of love. But, as the writer Raymond Carver asked, what is it, we talk about when we talk about love? Many of us don’t think much about having a Father centered spirituality. But the times are here, when more and more people will draw back into The Father’s Heart and start manifesting it outwards onto the earth. What is required in our times, is more love. Not even more action will help things, but more love flowing into action will. This is a clarion call to draw into The Father’s Heart of Love, and to live from it. That is the most helpful thing we can do for the world right now.

Many of us have been fortunate enough to meet some older ones, who manifest this father’s heart spirituality. We feel seen, safe and peacefully accepted around these people. For they are living from the safest place in the universe. We find ourselves drawn to, what they are living from. We want to know what we see.

It is good to see well. It is better and higher to love well. For when we love, we also see.

The Father’s Heart is made of love, and is the source of all love. For God is made out of love. Jesus came to guide us to this wellspring of all Love. He became our Lover to guide us into His Father’s Heart of Love.

St. Paul was able to integrate The Father’s Heart and His Eyes into his own life. You feel this especially towards the end of his ministry. We need both the heart of The Father, and His Sight. Allowing Him to integrate them in your own life is like an eagle flying in front of the moon. You bring the safe glow of fatherhood, with the keen accurate hawk like sight of Christ. A watchman who is also a father. We watch with Him because He likes to bear witness to His own activities. We see and give a testimony. But we also move into His Heart.

The Father’s Heart is the source of the universe. It is the cave which never ends, and is filled with love. We come out to the edge of the cave to help others and to interface with life down here; but the inner cave is our true home. Our home is in the Father’s Heart. It is the safest place there is.

There, we are so comforted adored engulfed in His Love for us and all, that we never want to leave this space.

For me, i worked many years with and in Jesus before really coming up and dwelling or abiding in The Father’s Heart. I met God in action helping others, so i got to know Him in service, out here, down here. It was a Jesus thing for me firstly. But gradually because of who Jesus is, i got drawn into The Life of His Father. Same love, but very different type of spiritual space in Father.

It has a solidity and Peace unlike anything I’ve known. Paul describes it, as do many others. Here, i just want to say, i felt some part of me was restless before coming home into The Father’s Heart. There is a calming effect at the core level when we dwell with Father there.

We are no longer in competition with the world around us. We are settled in ourselves. I try to stay there as long as i can. It’s become a practice for me. For my type of personality which is very prophetic and running around giving messages all the time, it is very healthy for me to pull back and just be in His Heart’s Being! I recommend it.

Plus, it allows your prophetic activity to others, to have that depth of love which only comes from having spent time with Father. You can tell when someone has been with Father God. There is a knowing in their being. That something which says, hey that person knows who they are, or where they come from, what they are grounded in. There is a peace in knowing. True knowing comes from sitting in the Father’s Heart.

I really want to be growing in both His Heart and His sight. For many years, i focused mainly on sight–far sight and insight vision, interpreting spiritual visions and impressions dreams etc. But as i get older, i find more of His Heart flowing into me, and i am more often drawn home to be with The Father. It is so restful in Him, and yet so alive.

Being so choreographic as i am, i struggle at times with feeling like I’m missing things. In the Father, you can’t miss anything. There is absolute Peace of being. The contemplatives wrote about this. But it is also very practical for a person constantly thinking of timing and planting at the right instant.

One of the things I’ve noticed about those who move in the Father’s spirit and heart, is that they are not worried. They are concerned, but not worried about things. They will speak for justice, but not anxiously. God is not anxious. Therefore, Paul teaches us to be anxious about nothing, but pray about everything until you are released into His Being.

There is also something unique about prophesying while sitting in His Heart which changes the tone of the message. Discernment itself is a matter of tone. The same information can be stated twice with opposite tones and mean something entirely different. The Tone of Love is the tone of The Father.

We discern what is of Him, by looking for a tone of love. Since love is the highest aspect of who God is, to dwell in His Love, as Paul stated in I Corinthians 14:1, is the highest goal of the spiritual life.

To receive His Love is the beginning of salvation. But to learn to live in it, is the mature life. To be loved yes, but to dwell in His Love and love others from that foundation of His Love, is the Christian life. We do not love just to be nice or atruistic. We are not just going around doing good for the sake of good. We are those doing good “in His Name!” To be in His Name, drawing our life from His, is to walk in love. Not I, but Christ, means among other things, that our good does not flow from ourselves, but from a Higher Source. This Higher Source is the life of The Father.

This is why Jesus is constantly stepping away and “plugging into” The Father. He especially does this before major events in His Life. Even Jesus, had this discipline of drawing near to the Father’s Heart before action.

Jesus invited and invites us to know The Father’s Heart of Love for us all. This was His primary mission on earth, and continues to be His invitation. That we would know and love God, and therefore love our neighbors.
Let us draw into The Heart of The Most High Father God this hour, and never leave our homes again. Thanks Jesus for making a way into The Father’s Heart for us, so we can come home and live in The Father’s Heart.

Accuracy of vision also requires us to be in His Heart in order to know and interpret. If we are not moving in His Love our vision is less accurate. Because it is divided. Remember God is One integrated Being, so when we see or get knowledge apart from being in His Love, we end up misinterpreting. We divide the message, rather than deliver it whole. So it makes us much more accurate in ministry to both see into and know His Heart on a matter.
Head and Heart must be home in Him.

Prophetic accuracy depends on being in the Father’s Heart of love. For what will last in the end, as Paul teaches us, is love. Prophecy will pass, His Love will remain. Therefore it is wise to desire to know His Love. For it is our eternal home.

What I want to see in the church right now is an increase in love flowing out from The Father’s Love. This requires a deeper communion with Father. This requires us to dwell more in The Father’s Heart. When we do, our social justice, prophetic words and acts, being salt and light (preserver and interpreter in the light of understanding) will have a warmth which draws others into the safest place in the universe. The source of all love. The origin of Love. For God is Love.

His Body needs His Heart. The Eyes and Heart are also meant to work in tandem.
All five fold aspects of His Being are meant to work also in tandem. Just as He divided them out as positions in the early church. We are meant to move in and know more of His Being. All five parts are knowable in His Heart. He is the apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist. In His Heart all five aspects flow, and work as one.

I think you will start to see more of His People starting to live in, and therefore live out from His Father’s Heart. You will recognize them by their love. And the Peace they live in, and carry. Paul had this spiritual contentment in all circumstances. I think you will start to see more and more of this spiritual contentment in His Church.

She is currently being shaken in order to refine, but she is being shaken into His Heart of hearts. Look for the emerging of overnight elders. Those who have chosen to live in and from The Father’s Heart. God will mature them quickly to live and manifest from His Own Loving Heart towards the world. What took 40 years, will take four, for those who are willing to be formed. A quicker formation is available in our time. He told me “many will be suddenly burnt into place.” A sudden deepening of discipleship and formation of His Life in us, is necessary in days like these! Let us be ready for “sudden saints.”!! The suddenly saints will reflect the heart of the Father in an obvious overt way, which is unmistakable. This is act of Mercy in allowing people to taste, and turn to Him, and be truly saved. To enter the journey of the righteous ways into The Father. They will baptize many into the Name of The Father!

When we baptize, be sure to baptize into all three Names! He is emphasizing making sure we know and allow ourselves to be known by The Father who sees us as we are. Be baptized into the Name of The Father! For, as Paul put it, in the future we will see more clearly, then we will in perfect clarity, even as God already sees us. We can go forward, because the Father already knows us clearly, much better than we know ourselves. Then we will know what He already knows, and see clearly face to face. But already we can trust the one who already sees us clearly and loves us dearly! And we can baptize others into His Loving Being!

More from the words I’ve been receiving:
” This will balance the church with a new unity of being (inside and outside of the institutional church structures), and a tone of love, which will attract people to Christ and His Father. No longer will others only observe the sinful nature in His Church, but they will experience firsthand the amount of sheer love oozing from her very pores. They will see His people deeply in love with one another and others. And they will get that eternal fragrance of heaven. The perfume of Love will draw many to His reality. And love will become the true tone of the church’s real life on earth. The world will finally “know that they are christians, by their love.” Love will be the hallmark of christian spirituality again. Not controversy, but the splendor of lives in His Love.

For this to occur. This new re-formation of His Life in us. We must be baptized into all three Names, as Jesus told us to baptize others into the Name of The Son, The Father, and The Holy Spirit. So we must be baptized into all three persons of His Trinity. The Father’s Name is pressing more deeply into His Body currently, so that it lead the world into His Kingdom. We must come to be baptized into The Name, Identity, reality of The Father! We must approach and come to know and be known by Him more and more in this season. And the gates are open for just that now!

God is integrating His Body through His Love. The origin is the source of true formation. The origin place of His Body is His Heart. Let us draw into it forever. Amen. For we, like Jesus can do nothing apart from The Father. We only do what we see The Father doing. All action then on earth, flows out from His Love.

And, of course, the father’s heart brings healing just by being in it, or near it. So we who live from it, will be agents of healing for others. We will see more intense healing around us, as we live in and from His Heart.

So, this is call to draw near to, and up into, The Father’s Heart. This is a game changer. Our ministries will know peace in labor, as we do. Just as Paul, who labored as much as anyone, did so in spiritual contentment and inner rest in The Father, so this the challenge for our day as well.

When we live in His Love, we will perforce love those in need around us. The world needs His Love desperately in our day. And you will start seeing more sheer love as those draw near to His Heart of Love for this world.

The refugee crisis as well as the many other religious and racial shakings are making it clear, who is actually in and acting from His Heart of Love. This will increase and continue until we live in His Love. It is for our good to be called back to our origin and Source. The more we live from His Heart, the more the world will be truly blessed.

Many people when they think of love, think also of sexual union, as it is a core metaphor of intimacy. But, just as sex without love produces fruit without care, so when we do good works apart from His Heart, we bear fruit which won’t last. This is why God placed sex within the confines of a covenant love. This is one area which examples God’s unity of body and heart. The world separates physical pleasure from love. That is just the opposite of God’s Nature. God is One. So what we give our bodies to is to be in His Love.

This is also true with social work. We can help thousands of people, give our bodies to the flames, but as Paul taught, without love it is useless. It is so essential that we actually know His Heart of Love, that St John uses it as a way to discern false and true teachers. Again, two teachers can say the same thing, one in a spirit of love, the other in a religious or self inflating spirit, and the actual content alters. Love is the key to true spiritual discernment. From His Loving Heart, we can see what it is and flowing from His Heart. He is making His Body one as He is one so we can discern and interpret from His heart. The difference between the tree of life and the other tree, was His Love and Life was in the Tree of Life. And since we all have Eve’s tendency to discern poorly, let us lean towards Love to know which tree is which.

When i think of love, i think of inner glow of knowing, safety to be and become, rhythms of origin, I think of home in The Father’s Heart, and i think of real Peace. When we think of Peace, we think of The Father, and His Son, the Prince of Peace who shares freely what the Father has shared with Him. To stay in Peace is to abide in The Father’s House. Jesus is the way into The Peace of His Father. We bring Peace by abiding in His Peace. Let us be bringers of His Peace daily and especially this season on the earth. Let us dwell in The Father’s Heart!

Many are going to come into the Kingdom, top down this season, starting with the Father Himself. When you think of the conversation between Jews, Muslims and Christians, can you imagine that conversation occurring, engulfed in the loving presence of The Father. Then we would be getting somewhere. So believers really need to know and dwell in who Father actually is. If the Father has not been an active part of your personal spirituality, He soon will be. For Father is who Jesus pointed to, and as we point to Jesus, we point to who He loves most, and is adored by. And we are included in their relationship with one another. That’s where we live. Do not be surprise by the Father’s love overwhelming you at times in these coming days. He is pouring His very self out into our hearts. And, though we are partially embarrassed by this love, it is truly our home. Might as well get used to it, while here!

Outpourings of the Father’s love are about to become more common. Not all will know what is happening, but we who recognize, can discern His Love, will! Watch for waterfalls of The Heart of God. Don’t be surprised, but be strengthened by His True Love pouring out over all of creation. His Mercy is once again making His Heart known to mankind. We are the waterfall chasers and receivers, who know the source of the spiritual cascades! Be blessed to know the Father even deeper today friends! When He leans, everything is altered, even our fragile hearts.

For many years He has been giving me dreams about how all the different parts of the Body are meant to relate as One. I have seen the different wings of His Body, and their historic restorations and exaggerations. How each carries unique reflections of Him, when once redeemed and matured, will offer themselves to the whole. He has shown me where each part of the Body is at, developmentally; and what needs purging, but also what will work in perfect tandem once Love is applied. I have great hope for the whole church from these years of dreams. I think a key to this coming unity is a true knowing and love of The Father. The Father is able to make a house for His Son. And grow her up into The Head.

I think a key to this coming unification of expression in His Body, this new re-formation (or deeper formation of His Life in His People) is deeply abiding in The Father’s Heart, and therefore His Love. As we move towards the Bosom of The Father, we will find these things happening to us, through us, and around us. Love is the tone of the coming movements of God. And it is the key note or melody of His coming movements on earth. God is love, and we who seek Him are about to know it! Watch for love avalanches, cascades, waterfalls. Draw into The inner heart of The Father. This is more than a wave, it is an ocean of The Father’s Love, a tremendous outpouring as in the days of Noah, but this time we are to be flooded by His Love, caught up into His Heart, seen and seeing from The core of who The Father truly is. We are His children, and our daddy tells us what He is doing. And we have learned to trust Him. Be blessed in receiving His Heart for our times.” Amen again.

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