Imagination Communion: The Gazer and the gazed

This is from a vision had recently about God’s Imaginer meeting ours. I left it as it came, playing with new styles of expressing what He shows us:

“THE EYES OF THE LORD ROVE THE EARTH LOOKING FOR THE RIGHTEOUS.” He is looking to discern His Own reflection. something “like” what He created or intended the creation to be. He searches, almost hunts for the “turned souls” etc–throughout history He roves, hovering over, considering, where to gaze into and who to gaze through! He wants to find things that make Him remember it was a good idea, a place to land His Sight–a clear landing in us. Deep to deep, and this refraction of His Own Light occurs somewhere deep in the perception of man’s spirit–the heart it is called in scripture.

The Light of His roving Eyes, first dusts off our dormancy, then cleanses our sinful sight, then really shines fully into and out through us, as we become His witnessers.

This is the healing and deliverance of the imagination; and then its fuller activation! This is the visual exchange opened up to us by Jesus and His Cross. Our older ways of seeing die, and we confess our foolish allies in the area of perception, and the enemies are dislodged, and we, who once, were blind, now can see. We who had eyes but could not “see”, are suddenly illuminated by this Higher’s Sight.

Desire in hot pursuit, His Eyes scour the earth’s surface for a gaze communion. In this communion all that is touched is healed and able to reflect the glory of His Vision and Sight. We become light houses, or film projectors, and our imaginations light up, the film strips through us, and the light of His Eyes enter us–our imaginations have just been truly evangelized! We have had perceptual communion with the Creator, and we have become His true reflection; and suddenly we look much more like ourselves.

He considers the layers of meaning of each event–even in history, like the titanic. To fathom all the layers of what occurred and what that meant; many of the layers only God could know, as His Spirit searched the waters or heard last prayers…

WHEN HIS EYES LAND ON the righteous, HE CAN THEN LOOK THROUGH THEM. This is an image i am seeing, be patient with me. I see the Lord looking over the earth (esp the oceans), and when He comes on a righteous soul or gate of light, He is able to ponder there; then you bring in Jesus who basically allows Him to ponder over the whole earth. Righteous people are like God”s portals through which His Spirit can see- spirit to Spirit; deep calls to deep; His gaze penetrates the oceans in search of the righteous souls who shined and shine forth still.

THE RIGHTEOUS ARE MY EYES ON EARTH, THROUGH WHICH MY PERCEPTION POURS FORTH. GOD PARTNERS WITH HUMANITY IN SEEING WELL. IN PERCEIVING ACCURATELY, AS HE SEES. God’s Eyes-They rove, then we, as watchers, rove with them. Perceiving is itself a great ministry on the earth. To see with His Eyes, a situation changes everything. To see accurately, can actually alter what is seen. This is the healing of His Gaze, of His True Beholding. Jesus beheld His Friends. They were truly seen, and this was part of their healing. He said to Nathaniel, “I saw you under that tree before you came.” He knew not only Nathniel’s location but his whole identity–“a true Israelite..” For Jesus had seen Nathaniel in his mother’s womb. He knows his creatures. Once, we are seen, we are able to see. I once, was blind, but now I see! God actually perceives through us! He enjoys looking out through us!!! WE are like His lens through which He peers out over all His Creation. Let us enjoy this communion of our imaginations with His!

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