True Gifts

Christ is doing things through us, and therefore in us, firstly. We are transformed so that we can transform the world around us.This spiritual Kingdom enters us, and to the degree it does, we can offer it to others-to be a passageway into His Presence.

We do not ask Him to bless our gifts, but to give His Own gifts-including new parts of Himself each season-into us and then through us. (Give Yourself to us and then, through us today Christ, we pray! Enjoy imparting new parts of Yourself into us, and then, through us, offer to others, whatever aspects of Yourself You desire to give). This is the daily walk of His incarnation in and through His People.

The task is receiving today’s portion of His Life into ourselves, and offering it outwards as a place of meeting for others. Each day has particular gifts given to you and through you-what is given through you, must be “in” you first. In short, His Life, to the degree which it is incarnated in us, is what we offer.

Learning when He is giving through you, and when to you, is an essential task of discernment-both matter! For the goal is to know and love and enter into His Life, and at times, He is primarily concerned with revealing a new aspect of Himself to you personally, and afterwards will manifest this aspect to others. In this way, you will come to “minister” this part of His Life. Which gifts is He giving to whom, and why–the valuable question of what in Him, wants to give that particular gift through me, is a task of coming to know more of His Ways (and, why through me? is part of understanding our unique callings). This last meditation brings us into The Father’s ways.

In short, He must work or place the thing (part of Himself) in us, firstly (we must be transformed, in order to become an agent of transformation for others), before we offer this newly implanted Life to others. His very Life is a gift to us, but this is The Gift which keeps giving, and it does so sequentially. He offers parts of His Life in the exact order which will bring about our full maturation into sons and daughters of God. And as He offers this Life into us, He blesses those around us with this same portion of Himself.

The portion of the Kingdom which you have received as a gift, is what you can give, and this portion should be ever expanding. To the degree that we, ongoingly, receive the gift of His Life in us, we are able to offer this Life to the world.

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