this kiss

when we haven’t been visited by beauty in a while, we fall

for any passing pleasure, and then, turn back
to leaf,

something simple
coming down and sealing with window

in early
morning storm mist,

and we are
reminded of another realm
of daily revelation.

This particular leaf–poplar i think, with burnt crimson rim, lands unexpectantly still

on my morning window, clinging then releasing its temporary seal,

today, in the midst of such warm storms.

This shape could be

a continent of memory.

i think even the storm warmth itself has something

in waiting
to teach me of God

Keep me seeing You

in all
that presses to my window seal

keep me still enough to hear
You, in falling of a single leaf,

from such unseen distances through time;

to notice these instances and

not settle for less than this kiss from heaven

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