In a dream, i come into an enormous room

and say yes before

these others and am seated at an endless table.

I see strangers faces taking shape.

A voice whispers against

my skin. Again, I recall this
as my first brush with friendship.

Trusting i say yes, it will come
He has spoken.

i say to this group’s shadow, it will
not be long, or maybey
it will, and we will have to wait til
heaven to see all

of who is here–there are more saints

than i can see in this space-

their contours nebulously glowing…

though i can make out your face clearly friend;

trusting, i know already
i too, belong. i am part of this. i am included

In this particular circle; I and You are

securely seated and coming into view…

We, together, waiting for a banquet to begin-

a banquet a stranger has made just for us!

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