Berlin rocked!

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Great trip to berlin earlier this Summer! Our dear friend Kerstin Hack, who runs a publishing house in berlin (Down to Earth – Shop), hosted me and gave me some serious and fun business coaching as we took in the remarkable city of berlin! She is a life coach and really has those practical down to earth tools which rest on deep Kingdom insights, which make life work. Here are a few she gave me.

If you want to see something grow from 3-5, look how it grew from 1-3. Then ask, what would it look like at 7!

Another, tip she gave me, was to build as many bridges as possible to the same content (four gospels, one story etc)–internet, hardcopy, pamphets, workshops, books, seminars, t-shirts, whatever… This way you make it as easy as possible to share the gifts you have. Most artists don’t like promotion and marketing and even distribution. But, even The Father advertised Himself through His Son! He makes Himself known, reachable.This is how people get to be blessed by the gifts you carry. So she suggested spending more time on marketing and distribution, as we have plenty of creativity. Simple, but sound advice to a bunch of hilarious artists leaders!

We also talked a lot about what true wealth is–resources to serve with; and ways to invest. She spoke of having realistic ideas about the pacing you expect to get yields from your investments. Certain investments-even relationally-take longer to bear fruit. Others are quick yielding. Having many types of investments allows you to enjoy the various timings of each yield.

Anyways, fun talking business and spirituality with a real friend.

We also went to an amazing light installation at the national museum. The artist Olafur Eliasson created an entire environment exploring color, space and light. Specifically, this show was about how color effects the body and our mental states. The artist used the primary colors but made huge rooms of color with fog, where one color faded into the next, so you were slightly disoriented as the primary colors overlaped–allowing you to really feel the color physically as it transitioned. Great show, and very playful as well, while being educational. Thanks Kerstin for being open to art and carrying His business wisdom. You are a rare gem!

Kerstin will be here in August, and starts publishing some of her books in English this year with Moody Press. This should be an exciting year for her as she continues to mentor and write and publish her much needed and remarkable books of insight into English, so even more people may be blessed! While here, we are hoping to have her teach in our community on art and business, and bring her unique spiritually refreshing perspective on both.

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