Identity holds itself in God

Identity holds itself in God.


a satellite disc on some deserted horizon

like the ones i used to see at dusk up

in los alamos, New Mexico

what was i doing there then?

same thing as now

just with less fuss

and less stuff-

seeing people

noticing moments

where identity stands still

and the whole universe is resonance

identity holds itself in God.

(memory of sitting in hot springs with a friend)

was it your shoulder, bare, emerging

from hot spring surface back then

which i remember most;

or the way snow passed, falling towards us,

through that steam

scattering in patterns just before touching our faces.

i just now recall the instant of feeling

very human.

Identity holds itself in God.

coffee alone was reason to awake

back then; that was the first half of the day

making it to the cafe

making the rounds over everyone’s depression

and splendor. We, all artists

with no living room

but this.

Identity holds itself in God.

My cars mainly

are what i called home

my front yard-harvard square etc

at night pushing the seat back all the way

in case someone passed

i would look like a package

from another world.

Identity holds itself in God.

sleeping under church pews

figuring escape routes

stealing communion wafers

drinking welches grape juice

all a child knows of


Identity holds itself in God.

train passes

coffin rattles

preacher makes altar call

at my grandfather’s funeral.

just outside watermelons shine

beside the endless tracks

Identity holds itself in God.

we look at one another over

again, going from room to room

of the same house, wherever it is,

staring at our particulars-

the curve of this clavicle

the bending of that wrist, over time

not to mention the endless history of eyes;

or our own life stories-all details included.

maybe this is the purpose

of marriage, to behold

over and over


we know

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