…and the fire is burning…just back from poland at slot fest–christian arts fest; now on to freakstock in gotha, germany. Still always amazed at the diversity of Jesus friend’s globally! All these different reflections of Himself, so many parts of God to know and love! We meet the Jones in germany today who have been in berlin taking in that great city.

Samuel, Andrew’s oldest, went and helped at Rock on the Rock fest in Italy–we really wanted to go, but my neck got hurt in poland, and i could’nt drive–pray for continued healing–it is much better after having come to antwerp for a few days of recovery–so soft here in belgium–the people so naturally pastoral and friendly–pleasantness of Christ. Last year, i met a friend who started a christian kindergarden here in antwerp–he is german and has worked hard to make a Kingdom space for kids here with an entirely dutch speaking staff. He is german and likes results, so it has been hard to wait as God forms the staff and team and gives then His Vision. Frank is his name, and he would like to pass it off to a native belgian after five year–pray that he stay encouraged as he builds this place of haven and learning. Also, as we connect more with him, that we would be an encouragement!

Nice this summer to be meeting other artist and creators who bear His Name and allow Him the freedom to express Himself in fresh ways–europe needs us who know and have authentic relationships with Christ–it has had religion, but needs Jesus HIMSELF!! Pray that people will feel His Presence as we pass through the many places He has us in this summer.

We leave for germany tomorrow to rejoin the Jones, and then on to france–keep our energy up as well!

Nice to work with bryce and sam at slot–producing daily tv video shots, and then helping with their shows each evening–they did their huge 3d cube show one night in the main cathedral–it was so gorgeous and like performance art with a huge sharf of light rising up from the mainstage cube to decorate and animate the ancient ceilings of that cathedral in poland–the building was the largest medieval monastery in all of europe!! Slot fest has a website for pictures–we had our camera stolen (which is par for the course in travels, but still frustrating esp for Amy–so pray for her, as she also had her phone stolen–the enemy always hits her in the same way!)

We love and appreciate all your prayers–and be blessed afresh from europe!

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