reelin up da arts flag

Still transitioning from europe to america, but glad to be coming into an arts season!

After rich time with tribe, it is nice to come home and start focusing on our passions again as artists! And also to have extended summer–it being texas. Lots of dialogue around the symbolic process this summer, and being refined as downloaders of God’s dreams. We really want Him to dream out loud through us. Nice to consider creative things with the french, the swiss, and the english–to get different parts of the picture He is contouring presently. There have been so many dreams and visions on this summer’s journey, and so many special moments of exchange around subjects which stir my being and my mind—so nice to come back jazzed and “in color”! To fly the funky flag again up over our castle!

Also got blessed by the polish folks we met, and the Jesus freaks in germany–long live da way of funky free!

“I feel alive she cried, i feel alive!–got to keep dis thang in motion–give Him da room to move, to move….in wisdom power and locomotion, go Man go!” (dj rift and da brooderhaufers)

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