poland and beyond

Amazing festival of new and old friends in the biggest medieval monastery in europe–very mysterious and enormous–Slot Fest! The polish people are so rich really! Learned sword fighting with abigail and archery with elizabeth Jones–camping with the Jones, and aiding bryce and sam who threw a worship 3d improv each night–the second to last they built the cube which is amazing–sam goes inside and it turns into a performance art happening with bryce and pascal groovin deep on the computers. Their art continues to inspire and improv–also andrew and i got to work for slot tv doing video. Each night the festival has a short called slot tv using graphic arts, and highlights of the day–but all impressionistic–much freedom to shoot artistically. I became obsessed with all the carnival skills being taught at the festival–unlike in america when you go to a ren fest etc, these guys were teaching actual sword fighting and archery and circus skills from guys who have been doing it for generations–very cool! Met lots of very colorful and spirit filled believers with His Heart for the nations–felt like a privelege to be there, and to be serving other leaders of the festival!

Now in prague for a break then on to italy. Just a short post to check in with friends following us in prayer. We were able to pray in many languages at the fest, and really felt free creatively while there. The fest is a good mix of old and new, and less music centered, more arts based, and the ancient castel was a great setting. If anyone needs me, call on my amercican phone.

Should be relaxed by the time we see many of you in france. Denny and Maureen are pressing in for their festival in italy–some warfare so please pray; we may also make it to berlin to see friends–so kee us lifted and not sick.

Sam’s oldest girl got sick at slot, she is getting better; also shannon was sick in antwerp, and i think is feeling better now. Today, we miss jessica here in prague camping near where we all used to live! It is her city!

We got to visit with sasa and katka in belgium–they took a respite at our place–good talks about the velvet revolution and the late 80’s–i always forget how amazing their testimony of Jesus is! They are planning to be in france with us so that will be cool, and we may see them today here in prague.

anyways, much love from the Way!


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