reeling in her flag

This week, I had another vision concerning America. I saw her flag with its stripes stretched out very far, half way around the world in fact. I felt that God said, she was overextended. I saw how the stripes were like His “stripes” by which we are healed. That is that America’s mandate has to do with being willing to go in a suffer to bring justice, and defend the oppressed. But that she did not have His authority to set up governmental systems and some of the other activities which are wearing her down currently.

Then I saw Jesus reeling her flag back home, and knocking off sections of her pole. This was partly due to the dark chords which were growing up the pole. I saw two chords, one was named racism, the other materialism–it was largest. i felt that as Jesus was reeling in the flag to mend it, He was also cutting off these dark chords.

The flag was lowered. It seemed to an undetermined height. But low. This had to do with the church and prayer. Then He took out a new flag, and reeled it back up very high, but with other flags from smaller nations above it. The flags were all on the same pole, and were flying very high up in the sky, almost out of sight. I felt that America would go back up with some new alliances–some surprising. I saw several of the new flags now on the same pole way up high, as if being supported by America. I wondered if these were oppressed nations which America would help, as it learns to move only in its own domain and assignments, under its mandate.

I felt the time coming would be a mending and renewal period, where she would remember her commisions and mandate. And then would be allowed to fly again.

Knowing our role in the whole, and what mantel each nation is given to wear in His purposes, is basic to moving effectively under the authority and in the exact tasks that God has assigned each nation. When, for instance, the wrong nation takes on a leadership role, you will see an misordered group of nation. I think this has happened with the EU. France is not intended or manteled to lead Europe at this time. This is a time, when the smaller, less often heard nations of Europe have a mandate to speak and be heard. Poland and Ireland come to mind immediately.

America has a mandate to bring justice, and defend the oppressed. When it tries to take on a sorting or building government role, it grows weary. I pray that these days will bring a drawing in, and a drawing together of the many parts of America’s heart, so that she can serve His Purposes most effectively and with the passion and free youthfulness and vigour which is her heart.

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