vision of America

I had a very difficult but also, i think hopeful vision about America this week. wanted to share the raw form of it, and suggest the parts i got of interpretation…

I saw a huge gold covered thrusting left arm. This gold painted arm was just like the statue of liberty, and was holding out a torch–but this was the left arm. It was sort of ramming the arm straight out in front of it, leveling. i watched as it thrusted out, and then crumbled and broke, revealing the whole internal part of the arm to be mechanical.

(interpretation: the left arm is that through which we are to embrace “other” and relate to the world. it was important that this arm had become systems based or mechanical, and that it was exposed to be so when it crumbled. The left arm had been covered in painted gold, very thick, but easily chipped off as the arm crumbled. What looked shiniest or most gold was easily exposed. The right arm is the arm of authority and blessing. In this vision, the right arm was healthy and skin covered–ie still alive and human. The left foot and the right hand were the two healthiest places in the body. The right foot is the steppin out foot; while the left is the one which is back “at home” or supportive)

The arm crumbled to the joint which was like a many holed electrical outlet. Immediately i felt the vulnerability of the heart which was nearby the left arm. But then I looked and saw VERY high up the right arm extended. It was skin covered like a normal but large hand, and it was both sort of worshiping and welcoming all nations. On this side of the body was great life passion and strength, and then immediately I saw the right foot of america.

It was sandled and the foot was exposed and bloody, but a hairy man’s foot–like a strong greek athlete. The left foot was back and clean and strong, but this right foot was really working and being bloodied. I felt this had to do with the current moments in her history.

Then i looked back up and watched the remainder of the left arm draw down over the heart, and i felt a wisdom enter–like the left arm was going to be left in that dismembered state as a memorial, so that the heart would remember what happens when it relates to other nations too mechanically or through systems.

I then saw the whole frame from below, and the feet were huge and free. They were a large, even collosal, man’s feet, and they had a humble and more tender heart. They wanted to serve others.

The whole body then stepped out from the frame, and was skin covered and alive. Then again, i saw the long and high extended hand of welcome far above, near the sky.

(Some of this seems to depict America’s journey to wholeness and towards her true destiny. i still believe that her primary role is to defend the weak, bring justice to the oppressed, and to haven the nations. She is a bringer of justice and a defender of the oppressed. This is one of the reasons for her abundance of resources. An obvious shadow of abundance is materialism; and a shadow of being a haven for many people’s or nations is racial issues.)

I feel that recent events will help cause America to be drawn homeward in her heart. And that as she is drawn homeward, God will work on both her materialism and her racism. I can already see this happening, as these horrific events unfold down south. I can also see the church being called to take the lead right now in all of these battles for the heart and unification of America. America still suffers from a great divide in many areas–one being between North and South. But a more important one is within the church itself. This event is already forcing churches of overcome their divisions and work as One Body in ministering His Love and Compassion and practical needs into the hurting lives of our own people.

The South of course also needs the systematic expertise of those who live in more northern parts of America. The North has been given an industrious gifting which is to help America interface with the nations. But bec the wounds between south and north have not been fully mended, the two do not yet know how to appreciate one another’s regionalism and work together to forge one destiny.

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