Vision for New Orleans

I saw Jesus with a construction hat on gathering men, then locking arms and walking towards New Orleans in a straight line. On the backs of the people’s jackets were names of church denominations. In Unity with arms bound. They were walking like a wall in a line, side by side. I got the word “flat liners”, and immediately realized that these were salty folks, or workers–like flat footed. This is to combat the spirits there which are wispy and foggy. These men were like sturdy bridges, and would not be turned back. They were coming in a support line from Texas.

I saw Jesus motion for support in two directions–one Texas, and the other the other southern states. So that two clear lines of support were coming into New Orleans–both coming in lines not to encircle but to wall. For I then saw a circle of witches praying over the ashes of the city to keep them death stinchy. And I saw how these two lines of solidity would combat that circle. It was as if the circle of evil were praying to keep death adn cunfusion on the city, but God was bringing in clear lines of clarifying support.

I then felt the need to pray for real clarity to be released over the minds of all leader dealing with this event-as there is so much confusion and witchcraft hovering over it.

I felt that New Orleans would be given a New Order (N.O.) I then saw the angelic darting into the dark water, which I heard were very cursed and deathy. The waters themselves were so murky and pestilent that people could not cleanse them. I felt that only true worship could clarify these waters, and that the church was being asked to worship in order to cleanse the waters of this region.

Unification is needed to overcome. I saw three main lines of fiscal support in terms of management–the Federal Government; the Red Cross; and The Church.

In short, the wispy murky spiritual environment would be met by the solidity of His People, and their prayers. I felt the need for saltiness or groundedness in combating the spiritual clime over new Orleans. It is witchcraft mainly, but a very dark and cloudy version. I has a mixture of Vodoo (which has cast spells on the waters there) as well, and death and blood.

I felt that the waters would be clarified by worship as I said, but also I saw coming up from the waters a purple heart. I felt this had to do with the future of the city, and something available to those who would spiritually serve there–either in prayer or physically.

The Texas church was enabled to lock arms and head down as one long strong line! The two primary lines of support came from texas and the other from the other southern states to the east of the city.

At the end of this vision, I kept hearing Jesus yelling out things He needs: 3 construction crews to repair roads all the way down to the city; all sort of tools; pliers, gaskets, machines, bags, trucks etc Very practical needs!

I also felt a great harvest will be brought out of this event. That the fields are ready for true life to come in and bring fruit that will last.



Clarity for all leaders involved

God would raise up real worship to purify the waters there

Unification between denominations so we can work as one church Body (The Body of Christ!)

That the dark spiritual environment would not confuse the labourers, so they can bring help with great clarity and compassion. (We have seen the confusion around many of the media there, and others who have gone into the spiritual atmosphere that is there)

That the hope that this event will actually bring great and needed change in America at large and that His Body might take up its leadership role in aiding this tragedy.

That our president would have great clarity around how to release help, and for his spiritual protection.

That the New Orleans mayor would have peace in his heart and head as he has seen and felt so much suffering over the past week.

As well as for mayors and leaders in the states effected most by this event.

Already, most of the churches here have opened their doors and are receiving refuges. In our neighborhood, the largest church nearby is said to be receiving 1500 people this week. Pray that the church would lead in showing the heart of Christ in this dark part of this event. In Houston, several megachurches are opening their facilities to refuges, and are also opening homes and resources. This is an hour of great potential unification in the Body here in America!

We also see the issues of materialism and racism are being addressed and brought into the light through this tragedy. Pray that we have the guts to deal with both of these as the church, and then as a nation!

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