Spring breezes, early summer sage hints..reading war books, and travel jounals. So many good friends with the right compass of Christ, all of us still being made whole, but on our paths; sun as the source of our energy, effecting the earth in a different way than oily inner things. Aerating, letting light and fresh wind into all the rooms of our houses; faces weary from holding, from standing with little felt support, come out onto our porches and remember the songs of Zion which keep us connected by hope of Spring. Spring reading–book of Joshua, still the best end times map for my money! Tells the whole story–levites and warriors marching into the land before the general army of the Body–already being given His Inheritance in so many fields. Wells untapped, uncapped, and in before unseen and unexpected spaces water distilled over time suddenly made available.

Spirit of understanding, Wisdom Himself alighting in our heart’s tree, the larger metaphores explained–relationship between Jews and Gentile coming into clarity. Even unity suddenly looking possible…and then this song, with a screen door gently carressing the night..this song of healing deliverance, and hope returning after long winter vows.

Who can stop Him from marching into His Own land, who can stop Spring from coming?!

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