is it spring yet?

Hello everyone… I’m sitting out here on our Austin porch, the crickets are buzzing and our happy border collie is running friskily around the yard eating sticks, while the faint smell of mesquite wafts through the neighborhood. Spring comes early to Texas; usually by March things are blooming again, and I have to say that I really am starting to like it, although I am still a northerner somewhere down inside. But there’s nothing like these early humid nights. Makes me feel like writing.

Isn’t spring cool? It’s always hard to focus; the earth wakes up and everything is ripe with possibility and even the most melancholic of souls is filled with hope. And I usually can’t decide what project to start next.

We did get a good proper winter chill last week when we travelled up to Orkney Islands north of Scotland to visit our dear friends the family Jones. It was a really beautiful time and a nice bonus to drive up through the highlands because we both carry Scottish in our blood and in our spirits. (I am a McDonald.) I don’t know about y’all but there are just certain places, geographies, where I feel I can connect with God in a deeper way than normal. Scotland is like that for me–I feel His presence everywhere so naturally.

This spring I’m going to start the process of printing and publishing a book. We’re both pretty excited about this because it feels like the first of many projects like it but also the whole publishing process is something that really jazzes me. I like blogging and web stuff but for me there’s nothing like a book… a long drawn out thought process that I can carry out to the very end and keep around and mark and scratch (and these days, protect from my dog who likes to eat pages, especially Bibles).

Anyway, we’ll keep up to date on how that’s going but how are you? I hope that hope is in you today…

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