tales of heaven

…listening to the Waterboys, recalling recent travels into scotland–the lush hiddenness of God, the unseen stretches, and mossy caverns of His Being. So much spiritual terrain to know and be seen. God loves to be BEheld, to be encountered…and so many parts; having just returned from the apalachian foothills near my birthplace, so similar in inner meaning to scotland, but with more of the openness of America and her identity..

this gathering, a creative boundary expansion, internally; God’s pleasure at having room to breath and dwell through unfettered us. His choice to breath through us, and place His very BEing within us, for His own pleasure—-I GIVE MYSELF TO YOU, my Beloved..and the oaks, and laurels agree, whispering yes…

how each season, and single tree is a teaching streaming from His Being, telling us of His nuances and hidden cadences. How could we not love God, this grand source, so subtle, dynamic…

and then the meditation of God through people–friends. Got to see stephen roach and all the good people at Place of the Heart; and to travel again, with our dear friends Brian and Whitney. Our journeys themselves as a way of entering His unfolding. Even with all our difficulties and bumps! God found through His People, through the land, through the nations—seeing Him through all things! Scraping until His traces come forth, and the contours of His Being shine through these fluidic frames aging like whiskey on the north sea!

piece of the appalachian hills, the mountain stream songs of formed and unformed communities of friends and color and son—the carolinas; and then the vastness of Texas sky; the grand fathering of the horizon–the endless vision of Texas; the power, and bigness of His Being—home, big topped, alive, hopeful–the majesty of juniper and sage raw Judah landscape–the mediterranean olive scents of hillcountry in the southwest of America–home. places we KNOW and are known by God. familiar and unfamiliar streams of being

the animal kingdom came alive last night as we drove into Texas; thoughts of each creature as a teaching, and expression of His being–the wild foxes, and hares, the strange grasp of arkansas hawks, the wierdness of lizard and frog; God in His expansion stretches to imagine the stars themselves–to tell stories int he sky. We saw a vast drama in the sunset last night; a huge dragon like creature swooping down on a soft pastel landscape, and running into a solid purple cliff of clouds…thinking of a people who would sit and interpret the skies daily…how Christ is in every event and turning…trusting, trusting…He, the center of the branch of Being itself! Us, his adventurers, finding him in the truck stops of america, the gales of scotland, the eyes of friends…this ongoing, this loving, this tale written in heaven!

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