Turkey and the EU–loving the nations

Ok, last night big manifestation by our building against Turkey becoming part of EU. Then a long dream, in which I got to play jesus talking to a Turkish woman who was changing the name of her son to a european name. She was completely validating herself by the standards of Europe. I then saw that Turkey’s destiny is unique as a go between of east and west.

I think this issue is a hot issue now in Europe. More so than in America, but in terms of the nations–it matters that each nation take its names from God, and not validate itself in comparison to europe or any other “other”. God has a plan for Turkey, but first it must find out who it is. What parts of the Arab world are there?

I think that Turkey can be strategic in helping the Arab world reveal the full spectrum of its identity–not just the extreme factions, and to help it come to terms with some of its internal differences. It is essential that we understand the differences within Arab cultures, and to see them as God does.

Turkey in this way could be a great teacher. But what I also saw was that she is a hinge point between Europe and the Middle east–literally, yes; but also spiritually–to help interpret the arab world to itself, and then also to Europe.

I do not think that the european union is a union made from above, so it will be used despite the many false alliances it is formed on. When man makes covenants based on his own understanding, messes happen. But it feels like the fact that europe is having to think about turkey, and so define more its own identities is important. My thoughts are small, but God’s are expansive on this topic–just wanted to bear witness to the things which march past our window here on the continent.

I know that we must come to see the nations through His eyes, and to come love each for its unique reflection of particular parts of Him. And we must also come to find the destiny of each nation, and how He is linking them!

As Jesus is King, and so the orderer; He will come to set the nations in order. But it is also said that first nation will rise against nation–the level of racism showing its head these days makes this clear!

We fight racism by knocking off fear of other, and pride in self. Many nations have great insecurities, and have compared themselves for too long to europe and other western nations. Each nation must find out who it is from above in order to fulfill its calling in His end times Plans.

We are excited to be living in these times, when people are having to encounter one another in a more real and intimate way. But to do so, we must remove all pride, and encounter other as truly a creation of God meant to teach us about Him!

And we must not–as the woman in my dream–hate ourself and our own nation. This is a big problem in America, especially with our generation. To hate self, gives room for racism. Psalm 139 is a good antedote to self hatred. David looks at himself and say–wow, I am wonderfully made. This is not a statement of pride, but is about the fact that God made him, and so in Him we are truly wonderful and unique! The song of ourself is not a prideful song, but a celebration of God’s creativity!

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