we hold up what? a standard

winter night walking in europe

we see by torch light, what was

a great gift–what seems like ancient stone

cathedrals, and alleyways of mystery

inacted in stone. But now

in place of this, A living One-

a standard, a building, an idea-or worse

we see

dark dust ready to crumble awake,

man linked meetings, in the place of

spiritual splendour, the wealth of being

in Him

and we think, why were we comparing ourself to this

when all our ultimates pale..

nothing compares–

a nation

a woman

a convention

and then here is this One

living compassionate

and we pale–all our ideals

we refuse to hold them up again–our ideals

we suddenly decide: nothing but Jesus Himself

the One who formed all this…

Against this raging…..

Lover, we view all this

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