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I want to share a word that I feel is very important for right now; it concerns the nature of deception, and some of the major battles that we are facing because of it. On a recent trip back from Europe, the Lord began telling us that “‘the judge’ had been released and was raising its head in Europe and America.” After the trip, both Derek and I struggled for a few days with this overwhelming sense of self-condemnation and also judgment toward each other. It didn’t take long to realize the issue was spiritual and not just everyday irritations.

This judge is the enemy’s counterfeit of the true Judge, who is Christ, and this counterfeit judgment is totally the opposite of Christ’s. Jesus is truly coming to set the nations in order, and they WILL be set in order. Satan would like to get there first—and his rulings will be filled with confusion and hatred and cause “nation to rise against nation.” The enemy’s judgment will also condemn the nations for not making peace happen as fast as they would like (which then perpetuates the self-efforting that led to the hatred in the first place). I truly think we are seeing the first stage of this awful judge. It is in our media, it is in our politics, it is in the church, and it is in our own hearts.

The only way to fight the judgments of the enemy are with the judgments of God, which see beyond the skirmishes of today and are filled with LOVE. But one reason the enemy’s version of judgment has become so popular, even in the church, is because so much of the body of Christ lacks true spiritual discernment and judgment of supernatural matters. For that reason, right now, God is increasing gifts of discernment in His people.

Right now, God is increasing gifts of discernment in His people—and this is not just the gift of “discernment of spirits” but an increasing supernatural discernment that goes along with an increase of wisdom and spiritual vision. I am so excited about this! If you would like it, it is available to you. Normally, I would put stuff that was more timely on our blog, but since this word is fairly long I have instead posted it in two parts to our regular website, where we have been publishing more articles lately. You can read the full word at:

The Battles of Now (1)

The Battles of Now (2)

I really do believe He wants to impart greater discernment into His people right now. An impartation is supernatural and just requires us to open our arms and say, ‘yes Lord!'”

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