Growing UP!

Just want to touch on the hunger to mature again! For many years, most of the followers of Jesus have been content with only the first or second stages of life in Christ; but now is available many more rooms or stories in the Kingdom Life.


Christ wants to grow us up at an accelerated rate, and just as a spirit of wisdom and understanding fell on Solomon when he asked, and also on Jesus who IS both Wisdom and Understanding, we must seek this gold and silver, and find these pearls of great price, and wear them!


It is no longer enough to prioritize the banter of religion, nor the single fruits of salvation; we really need to press on and let Him plant the other seeds of Himself within us, so that we can become overcomers. We must put on the full garment of Christ.

We know that He is able to grow what He is allowed to plant. The enemy of Christ is also busy planting; so it is even more emphatic to be growing God’s seeds at this hour! The paths of Christ are different in nature that the paths of ways of evil. We need to be able to discern the difference, and to stay on the path which is not perishing! This is not easy, for it requires a FIXED GAZE!

(Daniel “fixed his gaze to gain understanding”, and so must we.)

Anyone can grow rapidly now. The restorational seeds which I have been writing about have all been made available. We have to decide however, to let Him start growing us. Then we will grow rapidly like mad!

There is no reason not to be caught up in rapid spiritual growth right now. This is the hour of maturation! Let us get into the meat of The Divine Life now!


Each of us can hear from God personally, and in order to grow, must! Spiritual hearing is a basic upon which other growth may be built. So right now, hearing is clarified and the sword of division of soul and spirit is released, so that we may hear what is from God, and what is from our own soul. His Living word divides between spirit and soul, and informs us as to the intentions of our hearts. Let’s decide to let it! Flash the blade Lord. We want it.

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