la poema

trusting, i come and say yes before

i know the brush of friendship.

trusting i say yes, it will come

He has spoken. Trusting

i say to this shadow, it will

not be long, or maybey

it will, and you will have to wait til

heaven; trusting, i know already

i belong. i am part of this

particular circle already

securely seated within it.

when i woke up at night alone,

the sky was not as certain

as i’d hoped during the day

then, the words came like starlight

“I will people your life.”

trusting, i know this is true

Abraham walked for years.

today i told him

to wait and it would come

and if it didn’t, still

not to grope around

for love from stangers

not to accept the old poisons,

to let hope take its place

at that inner table

he may or may not wait today.

but already, he is less alone there

in what already is starting to look

like a banquet hall

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