I just have to say, I LOVE SUMMER!

I grew up in Michigan, where things get kind of hot and sticky. And then I was in Cincinnati for years (southern Ohio), where things get really hot and sticky. And now I am in Texas where things are just HOT. You go out in the evenings, ride around with the windows down, listen to those dry-throated crickets buzzing loudly around, stay up talking to your friends, daydream and just enjoy… Summer’s so cool, just a good time to be, not to force a lot of new things into shape, except that garden which might be withering in the heat just about now.

Now, I am trying to get my digital camera to good use. So far we have only kept our pictures to ourselves but it’s about time it did something for us. So for you experts in picture uploading, bear with me while I try to figure through this whole uploading, thumbnailing business.

Tonight we drove up to Little City, one of the best places to go in the evenings just about now… the best iced mochas in Austin. We’re trying to catch this place just before the student rush comes in and everyone sets up their laptops and turns the whole joint into a library. Now it’s just laughter and late dreamy summer nights.


See how quiet it is, even during the day? Ahhh… Austin is a coffeehouse town, and although we don’t sit around them as much as we used to, I still like being around the variety of choices.

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