old saints

Hey everyone… awhile ago, Derek and I were composing this sort of list of people who had gotten buried in the books of church history. We had had a vision of books and voices being flooded and lost in cemeteries. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes we just forget the people that have inspired us. Sometimes we have not been so kind to them. Sometimes they were only known in their own country, and for some reason D and I discovered them in the spirit in our travels. We both felt commissioned, in a way, to restore and uncover these voices to us because they are so important to Him.

The cloud of witnesses are alive. They rejoice with us and weep with us. I feel that some of them still have things to say to us through the things they’ve written or just through their life stories, just as Paul and John and Peter do, etc. And so we’ve started a little list of people that we have felt lead to share with y’all. While some may be more obvious–say, they are people that have moved us–most are less known.

so, here’s “blogroll” of those who never learned how to type at cloud of witnesses.

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