happy birthday young lady America!!

i gotta sing, oph how God loves the nations!!!! Oh how He trains and raises them up in His Love and Patience to reflect Him…got to love them…got to see them as parts of Him…got to jump in the continuum!!! trace it through Jesus baby…go…

..get down, get back up—got to love each nation like a person on a journey…and here is America jump-dancing into the banquet party, and you gotta like that commission on her to defend the weak, protect the weak…GOD GOT HIS EYES ON YOU GIRL!!—not done with that lovely girl, though she falter, you gotta know His Mercy…she just got a strut, willing to rush in….how can you hate Japan..how can you hate america, how can you hate korea, how can you hate china..when you start to see HIM IN each nation as a person—oh her JUSTICE—she wants to be the first one in to defend…that adventurous leader as Pieter Bos names America… got to celebrate, got to hate all that projected self hatred onto her…she got destiny baby…she got destiny, Psal 82:1-3…come on God gettin up in her assemblies—all that might isn’t meaningless its to fulfill her destiny—-don’t understand all this hatred and fear of other…how you gonna aim all that hatred at a nation…oh you hurtin God…..america it’s your birthday, and God got mercy on you…knows you aren’t always wise, but you going in and doing it…knows you lack wisdom, but that you wanta lead that adventure…your youthful life giving energy gives life wherever you go…there is now no condemnation baby…get funky today, renew, dance, let your hair down, clean off and pray

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