Each of us at different seasons are allowed to reflect different aspects of God. There are husband aspects and wife aspects (Him in His Church), son aspects, bridal aspects–ie Christ as husband, Christ as Son, Christ as Groom. Another aspect is His Royalty. God as King or Queen. God, in His Regality. We are not choosen based on how well we are performing. It is about God wanting to reveal that part of Himself, first to us personally, and then our onto the earth. The Church reflects many of these aspects at once, and different ones are in different aspects seasonally.

David understood that his role as King was nothing more than an opportunity to reflect the Kingliness of Christ. This is why his songs often just stream right into the words of Christ! David was allowed to know Christ as King.

Each of us has an opportunity to reflect some aspect of God. Figuring out which part is being reflected in this particular season helps us understand why certain verses are quickened, or words stick within our hearts.

The whole story is about God not us. But He has chosen to reveal Himself through man, and ultimately through His Son in man. Jesus as King is coming, and to know Him as King as well as Warrior, Priest, Healer, nation’s Ruler, Lion is our eternal pleasure!!! As we enter the different aspects of His Life, we begin to reflect back into the larger story which is about God making Himself known.

…there is an overall progressive revelation of Christ through history–an order to which aspects He is emphasizing during certain seasons. As David preceeded Solomon, so Christ’s Warrior Ruler Unifier will proceed Him as King. The Rays of The King are breaking over the eternal hills, as the warrior unifier is already in our midst!!

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