musings on America

so on a less funky note, just thinkin about how each of the nations are linked. Been getting a lot on Japan and China and thinking of their stories. This sense of how each nation fits into a larger narrative and expresses unique aspects of God.

America likes to help people by nature. You know, on the surface–especially through the cynicism on my own generation– it may not look like that, but I am speaking of the spiritual identity of America–what it is as seen through the Eyes of The Spirit. Well…it likes to defend things, partly for the adventure of it.

In many ways, it lacks the wisdom to parent, but it has guts and goes for it! And loves to bring life. Looking over this declaration of independence again today…that word LIFE keeps sticking–established to bring Life places..partly the inherent life in things–not to parent other nations, but to call forth their own life in them….to defend the weak and fatherless (again from the natural, sounds so idealistic, but look at US movies—all about Justice, and going in on adventurous missions to help the weak)

Not to say that this nation or any other nation has lives up to its calling, or lived out its destiny–obviously not. But then we immediately look at god’s Mercy. I mean God never wanted Germany to be shamed after the last war..that is not God’s Way. He was not wanting to say, see you are evil for being strong, and should really not come back to the table–no that is not God’s Voice. God’s Mercy means He does not choose to humiliate us, even when we make large mistakes–think of our own lives. Now America has recently made some mistakes. But America has a story to fulfill, and God takes into account her whole story, when He deals out judgment. God loves America, as he does all the nations, but He parents uniquely with each. Some nations need more overt shaking; others like the one I am writing from, gentle swaying (Czech republic was oppressed repeatedly, and is much as a recovering abuse victim–a very meek and special people to The Lord). Anyways, my points are that God’s mercy is bigger than our own, and that God loves the nations and is bringing each to its deeper destinies.

Coming to know the nations as people in His family is so very helpful to keep out from under racism, and stereotyping of all kinds. Looking at what part of God each nation reflects really helps us see ourselves with greater clarity.

This month we have been in four nations, each with its own story. It is just so worth it to get to know each, and that part of God which each reflects!! Happy birthday America, may He continue to bless you!!

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