two ways

The first Psalm is sort of a meditation on the two ways: streams of death and the streams of Life. If we enter the ways of death, we aren¹t covered. When we sit in the seat of mockers, and walk in the cousel or²wisdom² of the wicked, we are in the way of sin.

The Ways of evil have their own laws or thoughts, and the ways of Life or what scripture calls rigteousness have their.

One law on the righteous way is that things grow in the order they were meant to, so you don¹t have position before its time. And so that your fruits grow just at that right instant when you have grown enough to be able to deal with it. Things yield their fruit in their season, isthe way this psalm puts it.

Coversely, if in the paths of death, things bloom out of season and we do not have the wisdom or knowledge to harvest them.

Sin is a way. Righteouness is also a way. Ways are paths or flowing patterns. When we abide in Christ, we stay in the flow of right things; we remain in the right order and things get birthed in the right season. The entire process then reflects and teaches of God the Creator. The paths of sin have mocking and withering, but also they are judged by the very winds which would have refreshed. ³The wicked are like chaff that the wind blows away.² So you see the very wind itself judges the chaff and corrects it. That same wind can be refreshment and seed bringer on the other path.

Sin is not just an action, but is connected into a way or flow of pattern. So is righteouness. The Lord watches over the His Own ways. He watches over the way of the righteous–His protection and guidance is there, but it ways that the ways of wickedness will perish. They are not eternal, whereas His Ways are. Along the way of life, we are promised that God will be watching, for He by nature watches over His Own Paths.

These are like two streams of being, and each day, we choose which one to enter and be carried along on…

If we want to end up like that tree which is planted by streams of water (notice, this tree is planted because God does it, and that it is near streams of water or His Word, for that is where things grow); if we want to enter that blessing, we have to choose which path on which to walk.

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