realigning the earth

our recent travelling brought meditations on His unifying and restoration of all things…

..travelling letting Him bring together different parts of Himself–this brings Him joy. staying with presbyterian artist and morningstar prophets, and worshipers from the mountains, and baptist leaders…getting to be the joints, the synovial fluid of Christ, but also seeing how these parts need one another and watching Him as they touch. Oh that is what that is! Aha! that’s why i always get depressed on that particular street. that’s the half step i keep taking. oh there is the trap. Knowledge and understanding increase as different parts of Himself touch!

We all need one another. The land rovers need the eagles. And the pastors need the fire throwers. The arm needs the heart.

as this is echoed in His Body, so it is in the earth. God is Life, so we see the streams cleansed, and the houses each with their unique shapes reflecting back onto the identities of their owners. Some with gardens other with sculptures; still others on hills engulfed with silence…

As He knits us together, we experience and know a fuller expression of Him, but also more of that whole reflection shines, so that the earth can see, oh that is what God is like–now why was I not turning towards, and basking within that?!

For all the suspicion between the parts, God is One as the Shema proclaims, and as the Jews declare daily..God is One. He is One but has a diverse expression. For in His multifacetedness, we glimpse the nuances of His Glory.

All the earth is the Lord’s. What part did He not form?! So where does He not see Christ?

Looked at through His eyes, we begin to see how the earth is meant to be, and we begin to be part of His proclaimation of its re-storation.

Daughters and Sons becoming queens and kings, partnering in His receiving His Inheritance. All the earth is the Lord’s, and He is restoring its order. The children–His brothers and His Sisters are receiving back the restored earth as we partner with Him in realigning the earth…

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