man links vs God links

In order for our lives to reflect His re-ordering, we yield to His Ordering. All of the church’s life was to reveal His Order for His order reveals who He is, His Nature, Character or Ways.

When we do not yield, we reveal our own ways. But God’s two major interventions in History or methods of revealing Himself: the jews and the church, neither have fully yielded.

When they do not only will they find themselves in proper relation to one another, they will become revelations of His order which will reveal His Ways.

They are unique methods to be sure, but both were meant to reveal who He is to the whole earth, so that the entire earth would be that pure reflection of its Source and Creator!

When Jesus fully returns, you will see the nations placed in His Order. This order will reveal the father. That is the goal–that all the earth will be an uninhibited teaching of who God is–a revelation of The Father.

As we watch the various man-links between ministries and nations, we feel that tension between what they were intended to reflect and what they are reflecting. In Malachi, God tells the Edomites, you can build whatever, but it will not stand. In fact He names their creation Wicked Land. “They may build, but I will demolish.” Whatever is built from our own ideas of linkage will be demolished. You see this as many flimsy man-made linkages are beginning to erode in our time. Only what He brings together will stand, for these are the relations which reveal His Nature.

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