God in processes

One way of God is that He reveals Himself through the processes of living. he chooses life as the frame through which He is known. so we are taught Him through relationshiping..

God is dynamic, and reveals Himself through dynamic processes. This is one of the ways the creative process reflects and teaches about God. For there is always the emerging…the not yet, almost aspect in creating..

the birthing process itself is a reflection of this dynamic aspect of God

For God to be creative Himself means that He chooses to reveal Himself through the dynamic process of life.

Rich Mullins saw this in the wheat fields of kansas and indiana. Brennan Manning in the long displacing of the patterns of death thinking in an alcoholic person’s life–ie his own.

Henri Nouwen in the mixture of passion for others and loneliness he felt even when surrounded by people.

There is always this ongoing nature to God’s revelational processes. For God is Life, and life is moving and alive! He chooses to reveal Himself as Life and within its dynamic processes!

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