the father’s tears

If gazed at with care and Spirit, beauty is always contextualized in some suffering on earth. Beauty without suffering does not reveal Christ.

Pornography is a great example of how the enemy of Life contextualizes beauty. What is offered is beauty outside of covenant or the labour of marriage. Christ conversely, always reveals Glory with labour. So you see the image of the Cross which is coupled with the empty tomb. If we are to know His Glory, we must know His death is the way Paul teaches it.

Art itself has been contextualized in a market metaphore, but look at the role of beauty in Israel as they crossed over to take possession of the land, and you will see the role beauty is to play in our day.

Just as compassion cannot be divorced from suffering, neither can beauty. This is because of who Christ is. He suffers as the creation is being restored. He suffers the disparity of what is compared with what it shall be!

The Buddha taught men ways of escaping the wheel of suffering. Jesus did not. He taught people how to enter His Suffering in order to know His Glory.

This is because God is suffering as he brings forth beauty and gives it to His Son. As the banquet gathers, there is suffering, there are the father’s tears.

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