stepping on the threshold

³On that day I will punish all who avoid stepping on the threshold..²

Zephaniah 1:9

In I Samuel 5:5, we get the story that informs this warning. It was the time when the ark was placed beside a statue of another god, dagon, and this statue toppled two nights in a row. On the last night, the statue¹s hands broke off and landed on the threshold, so people started avoiding the threshold out of fear and respect. So those who were avoiding the threshold were offering respect and fear to this other god.

God wants us to fear only Him, not the gods and spirits of this world. This is not to say that we should ignore the ways of evil as if they did not exist, but we are not to fear other spirits or gods. We should only fear the threshold of The True God. And we should live on that threshold.

There is a threshold between realms, between spriit and soul. As a spiritual people born from above, we should know both realms and how they are to relate. This is not an ³upper story² spiritual experience, but we are the ones seated with Christ, so we need to know the heavenly realm and how it interrelates with the soul realms. To do so we need to overcome our fears of stepping on the threshold. This is about our freedom!

Many have become afraid of counterfeit spiritual experiences, and so have rejected the supernatural entirely. But His people ARE supernatural and have access to the heavens through Him. We are commanded to be seated with Him in the heavens! We must enter the inheritance of those who are in Him, and take up our heavenly position with Him.

Many have avoided the ³supernatural² aspect to their Christian life out of fear of stepping on a false threshold. This is ascribing respect to gods who are not gods. And it keeps us from living the abundant full life in the spirit we are meant to live. The Church is a spiritual thing, and our power and life come from the spiritual realm. God is spirit and we must learn to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

We see many fearing to step out on the threshold of newer levels of revelation which God is wanting to offer His People. Most have seen abuses of supernatural experience, or an unbalanced overemphases or lack of word anchoring. But the reality is these are not excuses for not entering the supernatural part of your relationship with Christ. Christ is supernatural, so for us to let fear rule us from meeting Him is to miss out on getting to know Him. We must not avoid stepping on the threshold any longer!

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