Just having returned from a true wedding in the Spirit up in the appalachian foothills, really reminded of the disparity between our soul links and links made by The Sprit. One of David’s areas of confession had to do with places he had put his soul solutions above those of the Spirit. We see this happening all over especially in the Church where we ask God to bless our ideas and programs. You know, when God truly is in control of all the links and relationships in your life you will see what part is actually the church and what part is formed from religious ideas.

Last night, i had a dream in which i was teaching about the difference between friendship formed by God and relationships we pick based on our own ideas of what we need. But this also happens between nations and ministries. We lunge out and try to make the links we see as being the right ones. So you see nations linked in odd alliances and people and ministries as well.

The trouble with this is it is not the way that God desires to reveal Himself. He did not ask the Jewish tribes not to link with other nations because the other clans were all inherently bad. He had a plan of how to reveal Himself. It is the same with friendships between people and nations.

God is always about revealing Himself. That is one of His Ways–He likes to reveal Himself, to be known. In order for Him to do so we must yield and be led into His LINKINGS.

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