word over europe

In europe, an awakening is being prepared for through the arts. His Presence is actually entering through the art itself, and often into spaces where there is little light. There are unconventional means released from the heavens which are bringing His Spirit and Power directly to bear on the arts, and His Candle is beginning to burn in the the art itself to prepare a space for Him to move.

Using art as a resting place, many galleries and cafes which have before moved in a spirit of darkness, will be cleansed by His Light. Art has the ability to be a container for spirit, and He is putting His Spirit on much art in Europe at a ground level.

Much of the european church is sleeping or not properly connected or networked with His Purposes, but the levites are going in first so to speak. The glory is preceeding the general Body. The way is being prepared–for His Truth and Lovingkindness always proceed His Judgement and Mercy. He is spreading the Truth and preparing for The Message which is about to be released over europe. Many silent nations will now speak. Poland is one.

The spirit of a nation is seen through its art, and the artistic palete of europe is about to be possessed by His Holy Spirit. Listen and See what He is doing. Already His Fragrance is being released.

Europe has become spiritually ³the dark continent², and just as He is sending prophets and men of His Authority into her from places once labeled ³dark² such as Africa, so He is preparing the ambiance of Europe for a movement. Part of this preparation is occuring through and in the arts. Many will see and not understand how Elijah comes beforehand!

This art will become prophetic forthtelling of what is to come, and bearing it within it through symbolic expression from His Holy Spirit. Watch the arts and see what God is seeing over europe!

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