…going further with this tracing things into His Ways…this will keep us from entering racism. Racism’s ways keep us in fear of otherness, rather than seeing other as diverse expressions of God’s creativity. Racism has a fear of other mixed with pride, but if we will look at God, we see a creative diverse God who loves to express Himself in an ever expansive diadem of creative forms. When we distrust or hate another because of race, we are not seeing them as creations of God, and therefore as expressions of His Creativity. God is Diverse in His expression, this is one of His Ways. We must not hate arabs, africans, or anglos because of our race; nor must we hate our own nation. For each person, and group or ethnos is a creation of God. You see this blindness between the Jews and christians throughout history, and it is one of the largest racial blindnesses to be overcome. But we need to start by looking at God’s ways and let that lead us out of this racial blindness. God made both Jews and arabs, and they each reflect parts of Him, and they will work together in His Plan. We must come to see them as reflections of Him, and let His Spirit reveal to us that part of Him which each reflects. We cannot interpret the races with our natural eyes, but must trace them through Him and His eyes. One easy way to do this is to begin with who He is, then see people and nations as various reflections of different aspect of who God is. Taken together we will see a larger reflection of His Image, as we stop type casting the nations in our own stereotypes and meditate on each as a way of getting to know Him!

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