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discernment includes knowing the difference between God¹s WAYS and the ways of the enemy. The faces or expression of the enemy¹s ways may vary, but its WAYS are the same. There are three basic ³schools² of the enemy¹s ways: witchcraft, religion, and racism.

You can learn to recognize the ways of each of these schools, and to differentiate them from God¹s ways. In our time, it is not enough to just not sin. True warfare is learning to not move in the ways of the enemy. The church has not discerned well, and often cannot differentiate between God¹s ways and the enemy¹s. As a result, the ways of witchcraft, religion and racism are often very present within them.

Witchcraft¹s main²way² is manipulation. When we are PULLED rather than led, we should come alert. God does not allure and pull, He guides and leads. Manipulation is everywhere in advertizing, media, and nearly everywhere. To recognize when you are being puilled or manipulated is basic to not moving in the spirit of witchcraft.

The main ³way² of religion is critical and judgmental. When we are finding fault in others, or being overly critical we can guess that her ways are nearby. She is a controlling spirit, and lodges in our own guilt, or places within where we are holding up a standard in our own power, and judging others by it. Religious spirit basically places religious practice in the place of the Holy Spirit, and judges others by our religious standard. You see this spirit manifesting through any spiritual system including christianity, when The Holy Spirit is not really in control. Religion is an afront to the cross.

Racism is basically fear of other coupled with pride that we are actually inherently better than others. It grows into hatred of other, and is exactly the opposite of God¹s heart for diversity of expression. This is the way of hatred of other.

David in Psalm 119, pours out His heart for the paths or ways of God. He seeks them, for he understood that it is not just about not sinning, it is about not moving in the ways of evil, or the paths of unrighteousness. We must learn to discern not just the faces of the enemy, but also his ways, so that we can choose to live in God¹s.

In our day, the ways of the enemy are being made manifest, and so are the ways of God. to know God¹s ways, we must seek to know HIM HIMSELF. This guards us from mere religion, and from the ways of these three schools of evil. Lord give us your Eyes to recognize when we are moving in Your enemies ways! In Jesus Name.

The ways of God are peacable, noble, love filled, sacrificial, and filled with His Character. Enter Jesus Life to know His Ways or paths! Contrast them with the ways of the enemy to keep a vigilant watch.

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