we as revelations

Part of the restoration of all things to Jesus is a great REORDERING. You see that the earth will be put back in proper order with humans, and beauty itself will be placed in its true context.

The nation’s also will be in proper relation to one another, and the stones and gems of the earth, which are all His, will once again have their exact meanings known in Christ.

the earth was to reveal who God is as heaven does

the particular houses we live in at a certain season of our journey also should be linked with what God is doing in our lives. There is no area which should not symbolize exactly what god is doing with us.

As all things are being restored to and through Christ, we will see this emerge more overtly. Those who are led by His Spirit become Sons of God…and their lives then reveal that part of God that they reflect and carry. For our lives, in this way, are His Poems or books which He is writing to reveal Himself.

The paths prepared beforehand to be our WAY is THE way that He reveals HIS Ways!

That is to say that when we are moving in the particular way we are, we are revealing His Way. This has to do with knowing our identities..the paths prepared beforehand for us to move in.

Part of the restoration is that we are to be moving in the specifically us shaped paths of our destiny more and more, but our motivation is that He might reveal His Ways through us living out the poems He created us to be. Our personal freedom is then about His being allowed to pronounce us out as poems into His universe.

Individual lives, when meditated upon as a means to see his Ways, are then instantly placed in their larger context. Why do i like wearing many colors? because I reflect a part of God which is dynamic and has an urgency of becoming. For me to live that out is to reveal this aspect of God. As individuals we are then revelations of God. He wants to be known through our lives. Our lives are to be revelations of who He is!

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