mercy meditations

Webster defines mercy as the disposition to forgive. God¹s disposition to forgive endures forever is what the psalmist keeps chanting. This is an eternal aspect of The Godhead. God IS merciful. He has an everlasting tendancy to forgive us–to have mercy. This is comforting, and is in co-balance with his Justice. But both are eternal.

His Mercy is a humbling meditation. It implies our deserving something less, that there has already been an infraction something that would issue forth mercy. Something which deserves to be punished.

The word mercy has both masculine and feminine dimensions–both carving, initiating/ and opening, receiving dimensions of God. (Best to play my way into it with a poem..or two)

mercy holds

with both woman and man parts of God

mercy–the warm m, and slicey c.

With justice, we see knife and law,

but with mercy, there is this soft strength

not soft as in weak, but as sea is soft

Grace also has power, and the femininity of love

(the grace to be is the one i wanted)

grace is sufficient–that sense of completion

(what do we know of dependence?)

charm, form favour…grace

but also Jesus as Grace and Truth.

the T gives truth away as sturdy

spiking out, dividing, carving, but

the g, r and the c of grace make us wonder how

it could be also a power word

There are different types of power

In Him, one Word,


so many.

Us and Him warmly carving

God carves His Love into

the universe with His Son

who is both knife and bandage

who is both intervention

and prevention

who reveals both father and mother


God suaves the universe

in graceful streaks

of kindness.

And we who

hardly remember our names

were meant for love.

He forms, redeems, calls back

names and re-forms

us, born knowing

love as tumble act of Grace


in our garden,

given to tend

with our spokey fingers

and warm round hearts, the universe

into place.

By: derek

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